The ITW Fastex horticultural product range has been developed in partnership with the major horticultural traders and growers over the last 25 years. Our brands such as KIWI-LOK ® are house-hold brands within the New Zealand Kiwifruit industry. The success of the horticultural range has seen the portfolio distributed globally through a network of specialised sales agents.  


KIWILOK™ The KIWILOK™, principally used on Kiwifruit vines, is a quick and easy answer to securing secondary growth to trellis wires. Suited to 10 and 12 gauge wire, the KIWILOK™ is easy to apply but hard to budge. Designed and manufactured using U.V. stabilised materials to last more than a season and ensure the clip holds firm. Available in standard and extended length.  
Trellis Clip The Trellis clip has a flat strap that makes up the body of the part. This has been designed to ensure minimal damage to the surface of the plants.  The robust clips provide maximum hold against wind blowing in all directions.  
Trellis clip
Tomato, Lateral   Support The Lateral Support is used to increase the yield in Tomato growing. The principle purpose is to eliminate kinking of the lateral as the tomatoes’ increase in weight, allowing a steady flow of nutrients to the tomato to maintain optimum growth.  
Lateral Support
RJR Clip RJR Clips are used for securing windbreaks, silt fence, safety fence and shadecloth to wire. The clip is applied with a simple hand operation.  
RJR Clip
Continuous Trellis Strap The Continuous Trellis Straps are supplied in 50m rolls. The strap is supplied in two styles, one is self locking and the other is used in conjunction with the trellis nut.  
RJR Clip