ITW Fastex's hospitality products have been the industry standard in Australia and New Zealand for many years. From simple manual measuring devices to sophisticated electronic dispensing systems, the Fastex range have been tested and proven. The hospitality products are supported by a specialist team and network of distributors to ensure that your requirements are met.  


ETN - Electronic Dispenser The ETN4 electronic spirit dispenser is designed to meet all the demands of the modern bar. Its easy operation and maintenance provides the ultimate management tool enhancing the look of your bar. The ETN4 is available with re-settable digital counters ensuring quick, accurate assessments and greater profitability. With the turn of a key the ETN4 maximizes security in bars. The ETN4 system is an investment in better bar management profitability. The ETN4 is available in black with standard measure sizes of 15ml and 30ml with optional sizes up to 48.5ml. Bottle lock-out shuts off the ETN 4 when the bottle is empty.     ETN Electonic Dispenser
ETN Bulk Dispenser The ETN4 Sprit Dispensers can be fed from a bottle or from bulk spirits using the ETN4 Bulk Adaptor. The Bulk Adaptor sits in place of the bottle mount and has provision for a dummy cork to hold the bottle for product identification. Any number of ETN4's can be fed from a central store, drawing directly from 20 litre plastic bulk liquor containers. Bulk fed units can be mixed with bottle mounted units in any combination.   ETN Bulk Dispenser
Combo The Combo measure and pourer is the industry standard in Australia. The cup measure can be supplied in 15ml, 25ml, 30ml, 35ml and 50ml sizes. The cup when connected to the pourer provides a tight seal ensuring no loss of ABV (alcohol content) and/or condensation. This also supports hygiene and prevents dust and fruit-fly entering the bottle. Having a measuring cup dedicated to each pourer ensures purity and eliminates the need to wash the measure between different spirits. The pourer is made from materials that eliminate any chance of rust. The cup and pourer is completely machine washable.    Combo
Tru-Pour The Tru-Pour nip pourers are self measuring units sized for 15ml and 30ml shots. As a self measuring unit this is also the industry standard in Australia. The pourer much like the combo is made from materials that eliminate rust. This pourer is also completely machine washable.   Tru Pour
Jigger The 15ml/30ml jigger is the preferred dual measure for many bars. The simple measure is made of durable material that will stand the test of time. It is used across all spirits and needs to be rinsed between different spirits.   Jigger