ITW Fastex NZ’s Taps and Fitments used on bag in the box and rigid container applications are world renown for quality and reliability. From the challenges that come from industrial chemicals to the critical hygiene and aseptic requirements of the food industry, the product range has the requirements covered. This success is supported by a dedicated product development team focused on providing solutions to the market.  


The MAXIFLOW™ tap was designed to offer a more compact design but maintaining the high flow characteristics. This product is suitable for the industrial chemical and food related liquid products with high viscosity.
TRU-SEAL™ Standard Tap
The Standard tap was initially developed for bag in the box wine. This tap is a very robust design and is used extensively in industrial chemical and food related applications. The Standard tap can be supplied with an optional security tab.
TRU-SEAL™ Extended Tap
The Extended tap is ideal where you need to connect onto a dispensing line or there is a requirement for directing the flow. This tap is also used extensively in industrial chemical and food related industries.
TRU-SEAL™ Mini Tap
The Mini tap is the smallest in the TRU- SEAL™ family of dispensers. This tap is suitable for food and chemical applications and is the industry standard for bag in the box wine in New Zealand.
PMV2C Valve Tall
The PMV2C valve is ideal for post mix vending machine type applications and can be used in chemical and food based products.
PMV Hose Connector
The PMV Hose Connectors available, ease of installation for changeovers, available in various colours.